• Sumner Patterson

    Creator and Writer

    I have been involved in snowboarding for over 12 years now and plan to continue working in the snowboard industry.  My goal is to be happy doing something that I love to do, and that is snowboarding.  I want to make SouthEast Snow an icon for Boone, NC and even more the Southeast snowboard scene.

    Taylor Patterson

    Co Creator, Designer, and Filmer

    Taylor hails from the “Queen City” of Charlotte, NC.  His background in snowboarding runs over 12 years and his recent interest and development of his skills in web, image, and market design have allowed him to become a vital member of the Southeast Snow team.  His dedication to hard work and detail have allowed him to reach artistic and professional heights un-thought of.  It is an honor to have him on board.

    Jared Wolf

    Co Designer and Overseer

    Jared aka “Low Frequency” hails from the “Queen City” as well but is now shaking up the design scene in Denver, CO.  His unmatched talent for unique, abstract, street style web, clothing, and music design is unlike any other around.  His experience in snowboarding is reaching 20 years and doesn’t look like its stopping any time soon.  I am blessed to call him my brother as his knowledge of the design world has no boundaries.

    Dominic Sansotta

    Videographer and Editor

    Dom hails from the one and only Pittsburgh, PA.  While his roots are up north, he has spent the past 12 years in the South.  He has been snowboarding for 16 years now and his eye for film, music, and art are outstanding to say the least.  He is a die hard snowboarder and a long time friend, I am stoked to have his skills and abilities on the team.