Red Bull Thingamajib Recap and Video
  • If you didn’t already know the Red Bull Thingamajib was off the hook!  Despite recent rain and warm weather the course was absolutely dialed thanks to the hardworking crew at App Terrain Park.  Red Bull pulled out all the stops, bringing out there ultimate sound system the “MXT”.  A huge truck complete with TV screens, booming speakers, a DJ booth, and more!

    Just about 70 riders made it out to the first and only Red Bull Thingamajib in the country!  The weather was cloudy with periods of Sun, but way better compared to the week before.  Warm-Ups began at 1030am and riders were getting their tricks dialed on each feature in hopes to make it to that Final round.

    As the terrain park crew were getting the course on point, riders were listening intently to the riders meeting at the top of the course.  Red Bull and the judges decided to break the number of riders into two sessions of 45 minutes each, with the top 10 riders in each session making it to the Finals.

    The event began with a bang as riders destroyed the plaza feature up top.  The plaza consisted of a Creeper ledge with a round rail on one side of the wall and a flat rail on the other.  Next to the creeper ledge was a stair set which had a sick new down rail opposite of the creeper ledge constructed just for the Thingamajib.  On the flat deck was another newly constructed feature, a close out rail which absolutely destroyed riders all day.  As riders made there way down the course, they bonked the new Gong and mushroom feature and slid there way across the C-rail which had a satellite dish in the bow.  At the bottom of the course riders had the option to hit the propane tank or boost one of the first hips ever set up in the southeast.

    After both sessions were complete the judges were certain who belonged in the Final round.  The decision was made to have the finals on the plaza and the plaza only for a 30 minute ultimate jam.  This made for a absolute banger Final session.  The down rail was getting most of the love, as riders were back lipping, 270′ing, 180′ing, 450′ing and more!  For the skiers it was Big Air winner Berkley Wilcox taking home $400 and the gold Tiller Tine with his flawless spins and smooth landings.  For the snowboarders, it was a battle for 1st place between local Kris Jones and out of towner Charlie Mayforth.  Both had amazing style but it was Kris’ multiple switch tricks that landed him first place, $400, and the Gold Tiller Tine.

    Red Bull really knows how to throw down, as they absolutely killed it with the Red Bull Thingamajib.  The crew at App Terrain Park really out did themselves this time, constructing one of the most impressive courses the Southeast has ever seen.  Huge shootout goes to all the riders for giving it their all on the course.  Some guys really had some hard falls.

    Check the edit by one and only Dominic Sansotta…


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